Some people believe photography is not an Art but others believe that just like painting, it is a piece of arts.

photography is a kind of therapy for me. I do it when I feel I need more relaxing time for myself, Because it helps me to concentrate on myself.

Photography is picture language, the newest version of the oldest form of graphic communication. Unlike the spoken or written word, it is a form of communication that can be internationally understood. This, it seems to me, gives a photograph added meaning-and a photographer added responsibility. Since photographs can be so widely understood we should be concerned with whether what we have to say is worth saying, and whether we can say it well.


Portrait Photography means everything to me.It is one of the most enjoyable parts of photography to me it is not because of the types of photography, but it is about how you can transfer a long story in a single Image.

Telling the story with a photo is always amazing for me. When ever we look at an image we can understand what is the story behind the character.

When ever I decide to go for taking some photos, I thinks what story i can tell, after that i watch around and find the things which no ones pay attention.

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